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We are a family business with our headquarter in Schriesheim/Germany.

Martin Magnberg leads the company founded in 2001 by his parents Ulla and Bengt Magnberg in the second generation
since 2011.

How did it begin? How will it go on? Martin Magnberg: "The company's history began when my father was searching for new challenges, and inspired by his sister Kerstin, a dentist from Sweden, began to provide dentists in Germany with giveaways for children. What began with only 40 items in the garage today comprises over 400 items, a 5-member team and over 20,000 customers in 11 countries. Since 2012, we are also specialized in sattle chairs from Scandinavia. "

The connection to Scandinavia comes from its own roots, which are due to Sweden. In 1987 the family came to Germany and stayed.

Today, Martin Magnberg is a happy family father of two children and understands what the child's heart desires.

By the way, that Mirus Mix is ​​a very special company is also reflected in the corporate values:

We, the Mirus Mix Team, stand for openness, honesty and trust. We act on our own responsibility for our joint success. Satisfied customers and constant growth are a sure indication that we have been successfully operating for many of our customers in recent years.

If you would like to get to know us personally, we would like to introduce you to our showroom in Römerstr. 13 in Schriesheim. There is nothing about looking at products live,  hold them in the hands and best to try them out directly. Furthermore, we are also represented every year at the dental trade fairs in Germany.

Have we raised your interest? Please contact us personally.

Your Mirus Mix Team